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Location Cascine di Buti - Nuova Meccanica

Paper Industry

The most recent establishments of Cascine di Buti, which became part of the company in 1996 and 2003, are dedicated to working in the paper industry on a medium scale. They are both specialised in building various types of rollers (steel, aluminum, rubberised, carbon, etc.) for the paper and printing industry. The work carried out in the Cascine di Buti establishments involve various fields in the world of paper: the paper and tissue industry as well as non-woven fabric production. 

Cascine di Buti Establishment (1)
Via Portogallo, 1 _ 56030 Cascine di Buti (PI)
Tel 0587 724830 – Fax 0587 725255
Email info.cascine@nuova-meccanica.it

Cascine di Buti Establishment (2)
Via Portogallo, 28 _ 56030 Cascine di Buti (PI)
Tel 0587 724830 – Fax 0587 725255
Email amministrazione@nuova-meccanica.it

Precision Mechanics

The Calcinaia establishment, the first base of the company since 1973, is specialised in the design and production of small and medium components destined to companies of various industry sectors: defence, healthcare, food, automotive and renewable energy. Moreover, it is also dedicated to the realisation of strategic pieces of machinery for the paper industry.

Calcinaia Establishment
Via A. Barducci, 8 _ 56030 Calcinaia (PI)
Tel 0587 489545 – Fax 0587 488041
Email raffaele.paoli@nuova-meccanica.it / claudia.mangini@nuova-meccanica.it

Location Calcinaia - Nuova Meccanica

Specialised establishments

An operative space of 4900 m² divided into three establishments dedicated to specific works, from a middle scale to the creation of smaller components.

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