Mechanical finishing processes

Grinding is an essential process to achieve elevated quality levels.
Nuova Meccanica uses machinery to remove excess material from the components, ensuring their surfaces are worked in detail, with elevated standards of precision and quality. Through grinding, the component is brought to its optimal state of shape or surface.


Q.ty Machine
1 Grinding machine Tacchella est/int. mechanical stop 1000, 180
1 Grinding machine Ribon est/int. mechanical stop 1000, 160
1 Grinding machine Fortuna est/int. mechanical stop 2000, 220
2 Grinding machine Cometa M5P h.350, l.3500
1 Grinding machine Tacchella est/int. mechanical stop 1500 tips 180
1 Grinding machine Cincinnati for cylinders for CNC 1060 760X5500 max weight for tips 10 T
3 Hone Alpa mechanical stop 800×450
2 Sharpener Tacchella
1 Grinding machine for outdoors Tos mod. BHE963


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