Compliance certifications

Nuova Meccanica has the goal of guaranteeing the requisites and prerogatives of elevated quality for every single component. Every process follows rigorous procedures in order to ensure that in each phase the standards for precision and quality are always scrupulously maintained.
Nuova Meccanica also uses equipment to make the final check on the produced components. Every piece that has been checked is delivered with the relative certification attesting its conformity.

Q.ty Machine
1 Table durometer
1 Portable durometer
1 Optical profile projector
2 Control machine Mitutoyo Liner height 600
2 Portable profilometer
1 Ultrasound instrument
3 Eddy currents instrument
1 Granite control board
1 Air-conditioned control room with n.1 certified DEA IOTA 1203 CNC machine


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