Precision mechanical turning

We offer services of precision mechanical turning through traditional machinery and with state-of-the-art numerical control. The wide range of machines and experience allow Nuova Meccanica to build components of various shapes and diameters for different industrial sectors and to build custom pieces based on the requests of the client. 

Q.ty Machine
1 Lathe Clovis 28 350xlenght4500
1 Lathe Clovis 28 420xlenght4500
1 Lathe Clovis 28 350xlenght6000
1 Lathe Clovis 30 450xlenght6000
1 Lathe Gornati 350xlenght5000 visualized
1 Lathe Tacchi hd 510xlenght5000
1 Lathe Tacchi 450xlenght6000
1 Lathe Tacchi HD3/90 lenght8000
1 Lathe Poreba TPK90A1 d.p. 4000 mm visualized
1 Lathe Utita 350 cm CNC
1 Lathe Utita 300-1400
1 Lathe computer numerical control Utita mod. T 500 x 4500
1 Lathe Grazioli type Dania 200
1 Lathe Grazioli type Dania 250
1 Lathe Grazioli type Dania 180
1 Lathe Graziano SAG 210
1 Lathe Goodway GCL-2L computer numerical control
1 Barenatrice d=600xlenght3500
1 Horizontal lathe NC Yamazaki Mazar mod.Quickturn 250MAL


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